We  run a CSA program where we include a mixed variety of our ripe vegetables, herbs, and fruit in a bag for $27 each week. Whatever is ripe and looking ready to eat that particular week is what we include in the bags. This means that the produce you get in the CSA is very seasonal and changes throughout the year. We harvest the CSA orders the same day they are sold so you are getting your produce as fresh as it comes! CSA bags are available weekly, every other week, or monthly. We do not require you to pre-pay a lump sum as other farms do but you are absolutely welcome to do so. We email our CSA customers a few days ahead of harvest time to let them know what we are planning on harvesting. The CSA bags sometime change slightly from the planned list as harvest can be unpredictable. Almost always you get whats on the list though!
CSA bags are available for farm pick up on Saturdays and for home delivery on Monday and Thursday.  A $3 delivery fee will be applied to all single order deliveries. If you order 2 or more CSA bags for one delivery then the delivery fee will be waived. We are also looking to establish drop off locations for our produce. If you are interested in organizing a CSA group of 5 or more people then we will give you half off your bag every time we supply your group. If you can get a group of 10 or more together we will give you a free CSA bag every time! Our home page will always be updated with the crops that are fresh and available that week!
Individual item orders are available as well if the CSA is too much but please keep in mind that our CSA customers gets first priority for the harvest. We sell produce individually if we have a surplus over what the CSA program needs.

Please call (619) 403-4639 or email jaredsrealfood@hotmail.com  for CSA info, call-in orders, or to set up a delivery time

Farm Hours:
Saturdays: 11am-4pm
Sundays: Closed